Project 1



Problem:  Create a small wood fired tube kiln that is capable of firing 2 small tea bowls to cone 10.

Objective:           -Understand how to formulate a refractory clay body

-Learn the basic anagama design and the history behind the development of this kiln

-Understand the principals of wood fired natural draft kiln design

-Successfully fire the mini anagama to cone 10


Make approximately 150 lbs. of clay using reclaim and the following ingredients:

Fire clay to dry the reclaim out

1 scoop of grog

5 lbs. of alumina hydrate

5 lbs. of zircon

Wedge in perlite


Find a partner in the class and construct a mini anagama together using the provided guidelines.  The goal of this project is to make and fire your mini anagama to cone 10 in an effort to produce a natural ash glaze on the surface of your tea bowls.  The design of you kiln is open to interpretation, but the parameters set fourth must be adhered to.  You must have enough wood split down to fit into your firebox before beginning the firing process.  Control of the draft in this kiln is imperative for success. The openings of the kiln must plug tight to avoid leaking air.  The 2” circular openings in the firebox and the minimum 4”X4” opening on the chimney are critical.  The kiln will be butted up to a tall stack to increase draft during the firing and if you have problems burning the wood fast enough, a squirrel cage blower, hair dryer, or fan can be attached to one of the 2” holes to increase air flow.


All kiln walls must be constructed at least 1” thick

The fire box foot print must equal 8”X8”

The grate must be 4” off the firebox floor

The ware chamber must be at least 6” tall

The chimney opening as well as the flue opening must be 4”X4”

The design must have three openings for air intake on the firebox floor and the center opening must be a circular 2” hole

The design must have openings with tight fitting lids for the stoke hole and ware chamber.

The design must have a spy hole with a plug to check the pyrometric cones.

mini anagama project by Jacob Franck and Jacob Thaden